We suggest eating these straight from the fridge for a firm but delicious brownie

The Brownie Box Team

This one was great (albeit very messy) to create. We first thought of the idea of a standard brownie with the s'mores components on top. This very quickly wasn't something we were happy with. The biscuit became stale and soft and very quickly didn't give that s'mores feel. This is where we decided to create what you see above. The incredibly buttery and crumbly biscuit base topped with our incredibly signature award winning Cadbury® brownie. We then had to get the right amount of marshmallows as to not have it have that 'claggy' mouth feel. 

We then top that with delicious melted Cadbury® Bournville chocolate.

We will be working on adding new and exciting combinations over the coming months but for now you can expect biscuit bases such as digestives, hob nobs, and Cadbury® snack shortbread.