We suggest eating these warmed up for 15 seconds in the microwave and with a couple of scoops of delicious vanilla ice cream.

The Brownie Box Team

We are pleased to bring you our crumble brownie. This was one of the first brownies we perfected during the first lockdown (seems like a lifetime ago right). So, not only can you have a delicious, buttery crumble as you see above. But you can also have it with either a lemon, orange, raspberry, or strawberry flavour (our personal favourite is the raspberry flavour).

Fancy a more nuttier flavour, then why not look forward to our browned butter brownie. So, when baking our brownies we cook the butter over heat to get it a nice golden brown colour. This will give the brownie a beautiful nuttier taste against our signature Cadbury® brownies.

We also have any Cadbury® chocolate at our disposal to give your brownies that added chocolate chunk. The Cadbury® whole nut chocolate with our browned butter brownies are absolutely incredible.

If that wasn't enough, we will be adding extra mixes to our crumble brownies over the coming months ahead. So far we have the following heading to a brownie box soon.

  • Freeze dried raspberry,
  • Boost bars,
  • Cadbury® fingers (all flavours),
  • Double Decker,
  • Freeze dried strawberry,
  • Fudge bar,
  • Picnic bars,
  • Snack shortbread, and 
  • Starbar