We suggest eating these straight from the fridge for a firm but delicious brownie

The Brownie Box Team

We really didn't get it right the first time around. Finding out that when cutting into the brownie the chocolate in the cookie dough just dispersed. Resulting in a very ugly-looking creation.

This took us to the drawing board and spending needless hours thinking of ways to eliminate this. The easiest solution was to not put chocolate in the cookie dough, and just add some more chocolate chunks to the brownie mixture itself!

We will be experimenting with different cookie dough flavours and combinations (including a Gamora-inspired cookie dough coming later in the year).

We currently have the following cookie dough flavours in our repetior.

  • Brownie batter,
  • Cookie and cream,
  • Gingerbread,
  • Mint chocolate chip,
  • S'mores
  • Salted caramel, and our original
  • Vanilla.