It all started really back with the first lockdown here hit in the UK in March 2020. Baking was being done up and down the country, with our house being no different. Our eldest would love to get involved with the mixing, chopping, and tasting of the chocolate. This led to my first attempt of brownie making. Not going to lie, it was a catastrophe with timings being all off and leaving a very raw brownie middle. 

Many, many attempts later and we managed to perfect not only out signature 1.5kg slab of brownie, but also the timings for our half batch brownie topped with delicious toppings. 
1.5kg of brownie once or twice a week was never going to sit well with my expanding waistline, so any leftovers would be distributed between friends and family. Instantly we received feedback and knew we were onto something. This got us researching and sampling brownie boxes from different counties around the country. It was quite apparent that many of them were using much cheaper chocolate ingredients to us (we only use Cadbury® products where possible). These made them excessively sweet, which is great if you want people to come back again and again and get hooked. We wanted to give you a brownie you could eat in one sitting and not be either feeling your enamel being stripped away, or indeed not able to finish because it was so sweet.

This is where The Brownie Boxes Club was born. We gave our product to over 100 people and asked them to provide us with a price that some people were happy to pay for 8 of the delicious brownies sampled. We were shocked by the price they were happy to pay. With prices ranging from £20-to £40, we settled smack bang in the middle (including Royal Mail Tracked 24 postage, which costs £5.45 alone). All orders are shipped in their own box. No squashed or damage caused with squeezing multiple orders in the same box. 

Each of our brownie boxes will come with eight brownies approximately 5cm by 5cm and between 70g and 120g in weight. This will give you around 560g to 960g in brownie goodness. This makes each brownie cost £3.75, around the same as you will find in any bakery in the UK. 99% of them will not be using Cadbury®'s Dairy Milk Chocolate, Bournville Cocoa Powder, and Melted Bournville Chocolate.